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The Surface Book 3 13.5" is a hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft and released in May 2020.

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Rebooting when connected to surface dock locks up

Hey everyone,

Super interesting issue. Previously it would reboot just fine when connected to the dock but now it just stays on the windows/surface logo screen. It reboots perfectly fine when disconnected from the dock.

Any idea what it could be?

Troubleshooting already done:

Uninstalled the surface dock firmware (did not delete the driver) and plugged back in.

Tried to manually update the firmware on the surface dock and I don’t see a version number change.

I’m going to reach out to Microsoft as well but wanted to put this here in case anyone has had this issue before.

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Update: It will reboot if disconnected from both external monitors. Going to try to reboot with one attached.


Narrowed the problem down further: it is specifically when the lid is closed/integrated screen is off that it gets stuck on the logo screen.


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Found the problem: Check Point Endpoint Full Disk Encryption doesn’t allow for a surface to reboot fully with the lid closed. It always stops before it gets to the pre-boot screen. I tested on 2 other Surface Books we have and the result was the same.

To fix it: We removed pre-boot and FDE and replaced it with Bitlocker. Reboots just fine now.

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