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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 released in July 2014 is a 10.5” Android tablet with a 2560x1600 pixel resolution, 16GB of storage, and 8.0MP camera. Model numbers: SM-T800 (WIFI), SM-T805 (Cellular and WIFI)

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Peel off plastic framing

I bought for my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 this component SM-T800 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly without Frame I was distracted because I had not seen that it came without framing from the middle can I recover the framing of my old tablet can it come off?


Block Image

here is my old tablet with the components remove

Block Image

the plastic frames that I want to recover

Block Image

side of the plastic frame that sticks to the screen

***I want to recover the frame because I bought this…..

Block Image

So I would like to know the best way to proceed to take off

Thank you

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Hair dryer, isopropyl alcohol and pry tools. There will be videos on YouTube showing how to do this.

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