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A power supply is an electronic tool used to supply electrical power to some type of electric load.

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My TSC printer power supply 24v 2.5a is dead, how to repair?

This power adaptor was powering TSC ttp 244 plus label printer. Power cable is ok, green LED not working, how to go about checking whats wrong.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @harinderdivine,

You need to check where the active leg of the input connects to first.

Usually it connects to a fuse or a MOV surge suppressor and then since the output is DC there will be a diode stack to convert the AC to DC. and after that power regulators etc.

Can’t see it to well in the image you posted as the yellow electrical tape in the top of the 2nd image is obscuring where the wires go.

If the AC ipnut is on the left in the image perhaps the long black component next to the socket may be the fuse. If it is a fuse use an Ohmmeter to check that it measures 0.00Ω i.e short circuit.

If it is OK then you will have to follow the path through the circuit. Not easy without a schematic but doable.

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