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Screen won't turn on

Hello! I replaced my battery with a genuine one yesterday. The phone worked fine for a few hours. Then it started showing a white frame with a green line once in a minute. After that it progressively worsened in the course of two hours. It went through green screen with numerous green horizontal lines, completely black screen and a black screen with a few green lines. Now the screen is completely black and shows the lockscreen for a few milliseconds when locking/unlocking and now this is a permanent state. It is not going better. The only way I am able to use the phone now is through Dex and scrcpy.

The screen has no cracks and the phone has never been dropped. Which is strange, because it really looks like a hardware issue. There is no water damage as well.

I would like to know what may be the cause and I will be grateful if you could suggest any temporary or permanent solutions.

Currently I have tried the safe mode, oled saver, min and max brightness in the hope of being a software issue and still no luck.

Thank you in advance!

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Where did you get the genuine battery from?


@andrewsawesome From a local reputable batteries reseller. I believe it is not the root of the problem, because I tested with the original battery and the phone was still behaving in the same manner.


Did you find a solution in the end ?


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I think the display cable might have got damaged or dislocated during the repair so try reseating the connector and if that doesn’t work buy a new display from ifixit if they sell them.

Good luck,


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