Will the wifi card work without the pad that it has underneath?

I recently got a used DSi off ebay for cheap, but the previous owner was an heavy smoker and the console came dirty and with a nauseous smell of smoke. I already took it apart and cleaned the shell and all the plastic components, but the smell is still there and I think it comes from the rubber screw covers, the plastic lower LCD adhesive (which are the only plastic components that I have not cleaned with soap and water) and the grey pad that is under the wifi board. The rubber pads are relatively easy to fix since I could just take them off al clean them, I think I can do the same with the LCD adhesive and just use double sided tape. The problem is that I don’t know what the purpose of the pad under the wifi card is, will I be fine taking it off and replacing it with electrical tape? I really can’t stand the awful smell but I don’t feel like buying new components just to get rid of it (since everything works just fine).
Also if you have tips on how to get rid of the smell I’m all hears.

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