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A1706 / EMC 3071 – sorti en novembre 2016, ce MacBook Pro 13" présente le Touch Bar avec écran OLED. Il inclut un processeur Intel Core i5 dual-core "Skylake" et quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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One day it just didn't turn on, how do I diagnose?

My Late 2016 13” MBP w/ Touchbar randomly decided to stop powering on. No signs of life at all. No measurable current draw when charging via any of the USB C ports. Does anyone have an idea on what I might be able to do to resurrect this hardware, or if not, how I can get at the contents of the SSD?

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Well, you are in a pickle!

Sounds like the power management and/or Thunderbolt 3 controller chips have a problem. This will require someone with deeper skills to dig deeper locally.

As far as getting to your data I hope you have been good in backing up, if not you’ll need to go to someone who has the data recovery tool to gain access to your logic boards data.

Block Image

Here’s more on the tool its self: This is Apple’s special tool to help customers recover data from the MacBook Pro’s non-removable SSD

Not all of the Apple Store have it and some independents managed to get their hands on them when some stores threw them away! Most just tell the customer its a lost cause and they loose there stuff as Apple will only replace the logic board not fix it.

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I figured as much. Thanks!


@mrpink86 - Sorry for the bad news, If you're set don't forget to accept the answer - Thanks!


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