Several odd issues after attempting my first repair (iPhone 11 Pro)

I am trying to repair an 11 pro. After replacing the battery, screen, and wireless charging coil, I have found some weird issues. I am thinking they may be software issues for a few reasons, but I have completely reset the phone with no luck.

-Both the front and rear cameras seem to freeze in the camera app. The image from the camera shows for a second, then the picture freezes and I cannot take a picture. However, there is an image, and the face ID works perfectly fine, which is odd. I will attach a screen recording to better explain what I mean. Perhaps a software issue.

-I cannot get sound of any kind through either speaker, and it did work before the repair.

-The volume buttons do not work to adjust the volume, but do work for turning the phone on/off and going into recovery mode. The silent mode on/off switch works. Thinking this could also be a software issue.

With the naked eye, I do not see any damage in the flex cables. What is going on here? This is my first time ever attempting a phone repair, but I cannot figure out the problem.

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What version of iOS do you use on this phone?


Replacing screen, battery and charging coil suggests damage occurred. If this phone was damaged, there may be damage to the main circuit board despite your best repairs. A damaged main board may be the reason for many functions not returning and not software related.


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