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Hard drive cable repair

My sleep light and hard drive cable no longer works well,
if i shake the computer the sleep light comes on,
I dont need the hard drive part but this is annoying


Thanks for all your help :D

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Here is the link to the replacement part and guide : Macbook Pro 13” Unibody 2012 Hard Drive Cable

Hope This Helps!

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I want to repair the cable not replace it i can't afford that


@beanman56 - Sorry its not repairable! The Sleep LED is a custom Apple part and is not available separately. If you can find a old cable you might be able to transfer it over.


:/ maybe get a macbook pro from ebay that has a problem to get parts


@beanman56 It would be much easier and cheaper to just buy the cable on ebay, here's a link:


i dont trust ebay one frickin' bit


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