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Fondée en 2009, vivo est une entreprise technologique chinoise qui conçoit et fabrique des smartphones.

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Blank screen, phone still takes charge & vibrates, price to get fixed?

2 days ago I dropped my phone*(has been dropped a few times before) from about 2-3ft onto the pavement, the screen has since been blank*, using a power bank* I can see that it’s still able to take charge, it can be called without going straight to voicemail, it can vibrate as it does when I do a forced reset and I can connect to it via Bluetooth, the screen itself is undamaged from what I can tell, any & all cracks or scratches look to be on the screen protector.

I’ve already done some research myself and it’s likely to be that either the LCD has disconnected from the logic board or that the LCD is broken & needs to be replaced, as I don’t have much experience fixing phones I plan on taking it to a repair shop and don’t want to get scammed, how much should I be paying/whats the average price for either reconnecting the LCD or an LCD replacement?

*Vivo y12 got it late December 2020, no prior issues, link to specs:

*by blank I mean that it does not light up and I cannot see anything on the screen, just like when it’s on standby, because of this I don’t know if it’s registering touch or use of the volume buttons as my phone was on silent when I dropped it

*the power bank displays how much charge the bank has, and when plugging in the phone the power bank’s charge begins decreases over time

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Hi @hyphenex41 ,

ifixit is a DIY repair forum where people can get advice on how to fix their devices themselves.

As this is a world wide website, recommendations for repairers are too subjective and are discouraged on this forum. Also the cost to do the repair may not be relevant to your location. (you didn’t specify where you are).

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the display in the phone. Doing this should at least tell you if the LCD cable is still secure.

Replacement displays are available online. Just search for Vivo Y12 LCD display to get results for suppliers that suit you best. At least you will know the cost of the part if the display is the problem and it wasn’t a loose connection.

If you find doing the repair yourself too daunting and you live in the USA here’s the ifixit professional repairers page. Type your location in the search box to hopefully find repairers close to you. Everyone in the list has agreed to abide by the ifixit Repair Technicians’ Creed

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