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Launched in 2017, the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner offers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. Transforms into a handheld in one easy click. The hygienic emptying system drives out dirt in one action.

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What does LED color mean on the Dyson V7 REPLACEMENT battery?

I just bought a Dyson V7 battery from ifixit.  The LED color is different from the original battery.  What do the different LED colors/blink patterns mean on the replacement battery?  E.g., what color means it's charging & what color means it's finished charging & what color means the battery is low & needs charging.  Thank you.

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Hello Vicki

When charging the battery:

  1. A solid blue light indicates that the battery is charging.
  2. No light indicates the battery is fully charged.
  3. A solid amber light indicates that the battery is not charging due to a temporary fault (e.g. too hot/cold).
  4. A flashing red light indicates that there is a fault, please call the Dyson Helpline.

Hope that helps.

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I just installed my iFixit V7 replacement battery and it gives me a solid GREEN light. So the above list applies to the factory Dyson battery but not necessarily to iFixit's replacement battery.


Exactly my question too!


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What does a solid Green light mean when plugged in? I bought the Dyson V6 battery from iFixit and I’m getting a solid green light when plugged in for the very first time.

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This was a question


I have the same issue -- a solid green light.


if i was a betting man, which I am, i would/will put all my money on the green light is ifixits aftermarket blue light.


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