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Commercialisé en mai 2020, ce MacBook Pro 13" comprend des processeurs quad-core 10e génération Intel Core i5 et i7 ainsi qu'une carte graphique Intel Iris Plus intégrée. Modèle A2251/EMC3348 avec quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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Screen Replacement Compatability between models

I recently broke my screen, and I was looking for replacement parts online, but I do not know which models would be compatible for replacement. My MacBook is a 2020 MacBook Pro 13” (A2251) with touch bar.

I found a really good deal on an A1708 model screen, however I have seen a ton of things saying a lot of the non-touchbar model parts are incompatible with touchbar models. Is this the case for the screen?

If so, what models ARE compatible?

Bonus question: where is a good place to find parts such as screens?

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Apple uses a few different assemblies depending on the model series so you can’t just willy-nilly mix things based on price. The A1708 models are very different!

Both the 2020 Intel models (two TB port & four TB port systems) use the same part:

  • 13” MacBook Pro Display Assembly - Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-15732
  • 13” MacBook Pro Display Assembly - Silver, Apple P/N 661-15733

Presently they are out of stock at the sources I reference.

If you need to get going quickly I would find my way to an Apple Store as being the quickest, but it will be pricey!

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