Screen flickering when I have anything maximized.

I have the same problem with Dell xps 2710 aio that has 16G ram and was functioning flawlessly. When maximized the right half of the LCD flickers, when sized to the left side of this 27in display no flickering. The windows maximized “home” screen does not flicker. It does not flicker during POST. It does not flicker when the BIOS is displayed. I replaced the monitor with a new (not refurbished Samsung monitor with the same model # ) and the same thing happened. I sprayed the cable connector contacts with DeoxIT D5 and that did not resolve the flickering. I am going to replace the cable connecting the LCD monitor to the mother board as the next step. There were no driver updates available. I even uninstalled the devices, reformatted the hard drive and reloaded windows only, and the flickering in the right half of the screen continues just like the above post’s description. Will update after I replace the cable.

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drkrpain connect it to a different computer and see if that makes a difference.


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