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The Oculus Touch Controllers (2nd generation) are 6DOF virtual reality controllers used with cameras that track infrared light emitted from the tracking ring.

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How do I take apart fully my quest 2 controler

my quest 2 controller got wet and will not power on or anything how do i take apart

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@helix69 no guide for it on here yet but here is a really decent video . When you work on yours I think you really should create a guide for the rest of the community. It’s easy and just follow the instructions on here

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i will do this thank you so much


nvr mind if someone could get one for the quest 2 that would be great the link is for quest 1 not trying to be rude man i thank you for trying tho


@helix69 dang sorry let me see if I can take mine apart :-) Just noticed there is a good video. Link changed in my answer


alright thx man your being a really good help to me i am really stuck on where the screw is i can see the battery pack one but how do i take the plates off


also can we zoom if you would like so we can figure this out together i am also 13 it dont matter i just wanna clearfiy email me @


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how to fix your oculus quest 2 controller if it has water in it and you don't have any rice

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