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Modèle A2159, EMC 3301. Mise à jour du MacBook Pro 13" entrée de gamme. Disponible en Argent et Gris sidéral. Mis sur le marché en juillet 2019.

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THE BEST & STABLE MACOS FOR MacBook Pro 2019 13"

Which MacOS is recommended as the most stable MacOS? I tried upgrading from Mojave to Catalina and Monterey but they keep on crashing after upgrade.

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MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave,

it supports 32 bit applications apposed to the newer MacOS versions

and its stable

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I fully agree but me personally I would make a partition on the drive and install monetary on it so you you can dual boot both operating systems

Here’s a YouTube video on how to do it

Any questions please ask



@irazaali - If this fixed it, Please accept the answer.


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