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Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Released in 2014.

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No sound in left ear

Hello, I do not actually have these headphones. I have Jabra Elite 25e so I thought I would post under those, apologies. There is no sound coming through the left earbud, is there anyway to restore the sound in the left earbud?

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Could be the wire going to the earbud that’s broken or it could be something on the circuit board that is broken. These kinda repairs are tricky and in the end they probably won’t look as good.

You could attempt to repair it if you are willing to break the entire thing.
If you can get the thing apart i would start with measuring the resistance between the wires going to the earbud, I think the measured value should be pretty low, 4-16 ohms low ish.

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There is a glitch in my headphone pair where I used them in a wired setting then disconnect them - only one side would give sound, or the sound balance would be extremely shifted to one side when used in wireless mode. Plugging the 3,5mm back in and taking it out would easily reset and fix this.

Just listen to the boot up sound each time after unplugging if you leave the wire at home.

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