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Released April 2015, also known by model name A10-70F ( 'F' representing that this is a wifi only model).

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Tablet will not boot past the home screen.

Will not boot past the home screen. disconnected battery and held power button in 20 seconds. Reconnected battery and it booted. Turned off last night, same problem occurred this morning. Battery or hardware problem? Worth fixing or buy new?

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Hi @bb05,

Try starting the tablet in safe mode and check if it boots OK.


Thanks, tried that but didn’t work either.


Wiped the tablet of all external apps again. Still won’t boot past the Lenovo screen. Three shops near me said they won’t repair it. Ordered an iPad. ?


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Hi @bb05,

To know whether it is a hardware or a software problem try a hard reset using the buttons and check if this resolves the problem. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the procedure using the buttons.

If it still fails after a hard reset it is a hardware problem.

Note: Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the tablet to its factory default condition. Also if the tablet has a Google account tied to it, you will need to know the account name and password so as to be able to access the tablet after the reset has been performed due to the FRP lock (factory reset protection) being enabled by the reset.

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Wiped it clean and reloaded apps. Same thing happened again. So I guess it’s a hardware issue. Wiping it again and seeing if it’s worth fixing or just buying new. Will go with an iPad next time. Far more gremlins in Android than Apple, I’ve found through the years.



Not sure what you meant by ".... reloaded apps"?

The hard reset should have loaded the pre-installed apps only (they are in the firmware that is stored in the tablet).

If it reset OK and booted every time OK after that but not when you loaded other apps manually, then one of them is causing the problem


Clarke. I have a Lenovo Tab3 10. After 12 months of checking for updates and finding none, my Tablet updated automatically for some reason this past weekend. However when I went to turn the tablet back on after the update was installed all that happened was the orange Lenovo would appear, it would make a buzzing sound and try and reboot again, only to fail. I consulted web posts and tried entering the reboot mode via holding down the power and volume but a cartoon penguin appeared and nothing happened. I turned the Tablet off and gave it another go this morning, the same thing happened orange logo appeared a buzzing sound the screen went blank, logo appeared buzzing sound blank screen, repeating same process. So I left it in that state for about 1.5 hours, it as managed to reboot itself and is now working fine. I hope this helps CC


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