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How to troubleshoot a gray screen on start up.

I have a Apple A1010 laptop that when you turn it on, it chimes and goes to grey screen and doesn't do anything. It is not the hard drive or the memory because I tested them in another laptop.

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I did that but the ram is good this laptop has 128MB of built in RAM thats not removable. could that be the problem


When you tested your hard drive in another computer, were you able to boot off of it? If so, you might want to make sure everything is connected properly inside you laptop.


yes it booted up fine and the conections are tight.


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I guess you tried all usual troubleshooting stuff like reset the pram, reset the PMU, boot from external source, boot in single user mode, fsck scan, connect the PB to an external monitor, etc ?

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Test the RAM in another laptop, could just be bad RAM.

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