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Tutoriels de réparation et informations sur le démontage pour le MacBook Pro 14 pouces sorti en octobre 2021, équipé des SoC M1 Pro et M1 Max conçus par Apple. Modèle A2442.

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How to remove keyboard keycap?

Something is stuck under my number “1” key. How can I remove keycap.

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I have been meaning to write a guide for these honestly. All of the keyboards from the MacBook pro 16” 2019 and forward work the same way…. Anyways.

You’ll want something thin and firm. I have a dedicated tool for this, but I have used the back end of a fresh plastic spudger when I don’t have that at the ready. But honestly you can probably get away with a thin flat head screwdriver or even a credit card, but the thinner the better. You’ll want to go in along the bottom edge (or either side, just not the top edge) of the keycap and pry upwards. Gently. The goal is to unsnap two little clips in the corners along that bottom edge. You’ll hear them click once they come undone.

Once you get them to unsnap, the top edge is effectively a hinge. So lift up the now freed bottom edge and pull the key cap towards you, rather than straight up. This should allow you to see what’s stuck in the keyboard, make sure the scissor mechanism is operating correctly etc…. Key goes back in the opposite way.

EDIT: here’s another video which shows sort of the methodology. The person making video uses 2 picks. I’m not sure that’s necessary, but it’s the same idea whatever tool you use.

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@flannelist - The vid was pulled ;-{


@danj Edited. I'll see if i can find another one I like until I manage to actually sit down and just write a guide for this.


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