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Le 3a fait partie des téléphones Pixel troisième génération de Google. Cette version budget est équipée de la même caméra que les modèles phare de Google. Disponible en Résolument Blanc, Simplement Noir ou Violet. Mis sur le marché en mai 2019.

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Screen glitches after repair

I repaired my pixel 3a screen and at first everything was fine, I then placed it under a couple of books as the guide said I should do and when I took it out the screen was all glitched out and baraly working. I opened it up and disconnected and connected the screen hoping it would help and now the screen is just black (the reason I reapired it in the first place)

I really hope there's something I can do or find out it's not my fault because I am really stressing out

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I’m no Google expert(I’m actually more of a apple person)

But from my experience with repairs pressure on the screen(books or weight)can damage the internal screen but it’s rarer than once in a blue moon and it’s quite normal to do that to help seal the phone

But we cannot rule it out,have you tried restarting the phone.

If that doesn’t work try draining the battery

Because when battery’s and other things are plugged in and out it can cause static and cause things to “play up” and draining the battery and charging it again can help sometimes or at least that’s what I found helped when I replace batteries on old iPods

Hopefully this helps,if it doesn’t please do not hesitate to ask but like I said I’m quite limited with Google’s and androids but I can try my best


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Thanks a lot,

I restarted the phone many times and it didn't work, I will try to drain the battery but that will take forever since i can't really do anything with the phone



If you want to drain the battery the fastest way of doing that is open a game that is graphically intesive and turn volume to max

That should do the trick



Oh and just adding to the last comment if you can provide me with a picture I might be able to better tell you what’s wrong


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