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The Lexus IS is a compact executive car sold by Lexus since 1999. The IS was originally sold under the Toyota Altezza nameplate in Japan from 1998.

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Why is my IS giving a knocking sound

My IS250 suddenly giving a knocking sound

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I'm afraid you're going to have to give us more information if you want a useful answer. Here are a few suggestions for things you could tell us that would help figure out what's going on with your Lexus.

When do you hear the sound? Is it when the car is moving or just idling? If moving, does it vary with road speed, and if idle does the engine speed affect it?

Whereabouts is the sound coming from? Front of the car or rear, left or right, inside or outside?

Is it a thumping or more of a tapping sound?

Was anything done to the car or anything happened to it prior to the start of the noise?

Are there any DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) present? Have you scanned the OBD-II connector?


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check rear sunshade if its knocking when or after close or open morover if hear it when u are moving while the sun roof is down it's may need to replace the Sunroof Seal.

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It’s making a knocking sound while I’m turning the steering wheel

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