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Why isnt the device manager flaging nofunctiong usb ports

why are the usb ports not working is there a registry issue i uninstalled the hub and devices it shows no problem until i run a test then they fail . shouldnt it pick up the problem in device manager

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Device Manager initially only confirms that the OS can communicate with the USB controller on the motherboard and not that it can communicate with any USB device connected to the port.

If it can communicate OK with the controller then as long as the appropriate drivers are installed for the USB device connected to the port (usually are by default by the OS), the device should be recognized by the OS and connected and shown in Device Manager. This is of course if power is being supplied by the USB port to power the USB device if necessary if it hasn't got its own power supply e.g. USB flashdrive or USB mouse.

Which USB ports aren't working, the two USB-3 ports on the right side of the laptop, the USB-C port on the left or all 3 USB ports?

Have you checked if the ports are supplying power to the connected USB device by using a USB device that indicates that power is being supplied by the USB port e.g. laser light in a USB mouse, flashdrive with a LED indicator or mobile phone that shows that it is charging?

If they don't check in Device Manager > USB controllers > right click USB Root Hubs (check all of them) > Properties > Power Management to make sure that the power hasn't been turned off to the port i.e. uncheck the box if it is checked > OK > restart the laptop and check if it now works OK

If they do check if they appear in Device Manager or in the case of the USB flashdrive or mobile phone also in Win Explorer (File Manager)

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