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Commercialisé en juin 2019, Valve Index est proposé soit dans un kit complet incluant le casque Index, les contrôleurs Index et la station Lighthouses Index, soit sous forme des éléments individuels.

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I broke my left headphone and want to buy a replacement.

Do you guys offer a replacement.

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2 days ago Valve announced that they will be offering replacement parts for the Index here on iFixit. They have not stated how long it will be until these parts become available so it could be a couple of months or more . One more thing I would like to add is that from what ive seen on the site as of right now they only offer VR replacement parts for customers in the US.

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My left speaker broke and my face plate was coming apart. I contacted steam and even though my index is out from Warranty, they sent replacements for free.

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