How can I hack the USB of my Canon camera?

I damaged the Mini USB port of my Canon EOS 6D and I’m trying to get a few cables out from the PCB directly to comunicate with the camera, I soldered a few cables for VUSB, GND, D+ and D- but when I plug the camera to the PC is not detected…

I saw the Data signal with my scope and I see some data bursts sometimes but nothing on the PC… What m I missing?

How can I recover the USB comunication without changing the whole PCB?

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Can you take a picture of where you soldered up the wires to the PCB?


Yes I do, I'll put a link here, I followed the traces for the D+ and D- based on a Mini USB pinout picture that I found on goolge

Same for de V+ and GND

I can see a few signals with my scope sometimes, like if the camera is trying to connect or send data but something is wrong and then just stops or... somethimes it does nothing at all


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