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Tutoriels de réparation et informations sur le démontage pour le MacBook Pro 14 pouces sorti en octobre 2021, équipé des SoC M1 Pro et M1 Max conçus par Apple. Modèle A2442.

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My keyboard has been damaged

My macbook keyboard has been damaged somehow, how would i fix it without paying 1100 dollars apple charges for a replacement, and my mac squeeks when i open it.

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What sort of damage has it suffered? Is the squeaking the only issue?


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I’m so sorry ;-{

As your system is so new there is just no parts availability. To add to this Apple has moved to major assembly replacement for many of the pieces that make up your system.

As dumb as it is, the most abused part of a system is the keyboard and it’s not officially replaceable! It’s riveted to the uppercase unit and is a bear to replace! Here’s an older model to give you an idea how bad it is Apple Really Doesn’t Want You To Fix This - MacBook Keyboard Replacement

You’ll need to pay the piper (Apple) here as much as it hurts!

Maybe in the fall we’ll have a source of the keyboard. Even still it will be costly for an independent to replace the keyboard. An Apple authorized repair shop must follow Apples direction replacing the full uppercase.

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Is the MacBook still under the 1 year warranty

If it is you may be able to have it fixed for free


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@hellomacos - Be careful! Damage caused by the owner is not covered! You spill a drink into the keyboard as an example or your friend fires off a dart at your display cracking it! If the damage is caused by a product defect that's different!

Apple does offer an extended warranty program which covers product defects longer and most user caused damage too! AppleCare + But you need to buy it!


Will do

I just though because they didn’t mention any physical or water damage only a squeaky hinge


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