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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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Xbox Series X System Clock Time Drift Causes Games to Run 5% Slower

I have two XSX and one of them runs consistently slower by 5% in a game because the system clock timing is off. I don’t know if the cause is the crystal oscillator or CMOS battery. I searched for hours and did not find anyone with this problem. Is this a widespread XSX issue no one noticed?

There is an easy way to test if your Xbox is affected. Please, share your results by going to using the Edge browser and let us know what your FPS and Hz are.

My normal XSX shows 60 FPS and 60Hz. My slower XSX shows 63 FPS and 63Hz. This is consistent with a slow clock. The function to calculate FPS will count more frames if time runs slower.

My system clock time will drift by 2 minutes in 40 minutes. I restarted both and the system clock synchronized over the internet to 10:00 AM. Twenty minutes later one was 10:20 and the slower 10:19. Twenty three minutes later one was 10:43 and the slower 10:40.

King of Fighters XV, a new fighting game, has a training mode that shows how many frames you hold a direction or button. The game counts fewer frames on the slow XSX if I hold and release a button down at the same time on both XSX. For example, the normal XSX shows I held a button down for 100 frames and the slow XSX shows 94 frames.

Character idle animation and menu transitions run noticeably slower. If I reset a character on both XSX, the idle animation on the slow XSX will drift behind the normal XSX.

The normal XSX has a serial number lower than the slow XSX. Do newer XSX have this issue?

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That is a very interesting observation, 5% error is unbelievably large for CPU clock, usually this will just cause the system to fail completely at functional level instead of slowing down.

Xbox SoC actually has anti-tempering measures to lock the system out in case it detects power or clock manipulation, so on top of the functional level issue described above, I believe the clock actually works.

I tend to believe this is instead some bad parameters in the platform or OS level. Due to the extreme locked-down nature of the Xbox platform, there is nothing we can do other than getting Microsoft’s attention to this matter and have them debug it.

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I never opened the Xbox. What would trigger anti-tampering? I tried resetting the slow XSX completely. I swapped everything with the normal XSX to rule out controllers or HDMI.


@timedrift As I said, power or clock manipulation. Imagine the RGH happening on Xbox One again, that's why they added anti-tampering.

It's not something you can figure out if reset does not work, just contact Microsoft.


What are examples of power or clock manipulation?


@timedrift Google RGH hack.


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