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A sporty, speedy sibling of the roller skate, also known as roller blades.

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How do I fix the axel, a couple of the rivets have fallen out

I have a pair of rollerblades I’ve had for years but i noticed 2 nail looking things that were pretty on the back right side of my axel causing it to be really wobbly and loose, i tried to hammer them back in with no luck but it appears the rivets on the inside of the boot are gone on the back right side of my right skate so there is nothing for the nail or whatever it is to stick into and the same 2 rivets are loose on the left one and I’m not sure what i should do to fix It i couldn’t seem to find a place that repairs skates

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hello danny,

buy yourself some spare parts - SEBA, POWERSLIDE, K2, ROLLERBLADE or similar. Only these systems are used. Of course, it also depends on what your skates are, if it's a Chinese no-name you have little chance or look for a locksmith shop.

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