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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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How to get Ifixits Discount Code for Cleaning Supplies %15 off.

They have a large banner on the website but no code. Is the discount added at checkout what gives iFixit???

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The 15% off cleaning supplies deal is a sale for the iFixit US store only. If using the iFixit US store, when going to a product listing for a cleaning supplies item, you should be able to see an orange “On Sale” mark next to the sale price.

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Yes I am using the US store. When I click on the banner shop now it gives me a list of items none of which are on sale...


OIC I have to go to an item, this is a fairly limited list of items I was looking for thermal paste remover on sale but I guess that not cleany enough for the sale.


Thanks for the feedback Andrew


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