I cant plug in the last cable for the battery...

Hello! I’m here on the last step to add my new battery to the iPhone. I’ve already did built in the new one and added the taptic engine and all other cables. The only cable who is left, is the last one for the battery (under the logic board). I can’t plug it in, its just doesnt working for me. I tried it a lot of times, but it just doesnt go in. Its also a official battery + all other cables did work but only the one is left.

I would appreciate any help and tips to get the last cable plugged in!

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what do you mean by you can't get the new battery connected? is it not staying connected or what? pictures would be greatly appreciated. Not to be mean, but whoever sold you an "official" battery straight up lied. Apple doesn't sell batteries to anyone, and even for the ones that are able to get a hold of official apple parts, are legally not allowed to sell them to you.


@hootonberg Nevermind its okay now....


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