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The Apple Watch Series 1 is a revamp of the original Apple Watch, announced September 7, 2016. Most of the parts are the same as the Series 2

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Green Snake, Red Snake, Won’t charge

My original Apple Watch s1 battery was expanding and pushed the screen off the body of the Watch. So I replaced it with a battery from ifixit. The watch now shows the red snake when not charging, and green snake while charging. No matter how long it charges.

If I let the watch off the charger for a week or 2, and then charge it, it’ll boot up and work normally for a day. Until it’s time to charge again. The battery continues to drop even while charging on the original apple charger, and then die, and go back to the snakes.

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem. After looking online at every video and picture of the battery installed I may have found the answer, but I would need confirmation… the negative and the positive are reversed on the battery ifixit sells as opposed to the OEM. I have purchased 2 now with the same set up. I have pictures but don’t know how to upload them.


Make sure there are no tears in your battery cable

I had this issue and that’s what’s caused it:-)


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Sounds to be a faulty battery,

Contact ifixit for a replacement replacement battery

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