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L'iPhone mainstream 2020 d'Apple sort le 23 octobre. Il est équipé d'un écran OLED de 6,1 pouces, d'une caméra double de 12 mégapixels et est disponible en cinq couleurs. Il succède à l'iPhone 11.

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iPhone 12 consistently restarting after 3 minutes.


I'm a tech repair hobbyist and I've purchased this iPhone 12 that has restart problems. After verifying the issue, I reviewed the panic logs and found that it could not communicate with 'Thermalmonitord' and the sensor in question was 'prs0'. Although I could not find any details on the location of this sensor for this model of phone, I found that people were having success on the iphone 11 series by replacing the charging port. After replacing the charging port with an OEM replacement the issue is still present, as such I'm turning to the community for help.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where this pressure sensor is and which part I would need to replace?

If you would like to see the full panic log I can also provide it.



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So you replaced the charge port with one pulled from another working iPhone 12?


@imicrosoldering Unsure if it was pulled however, it was labelled OEM by a reputable brand. Do you think this port is also missing the sensor?


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The sensor might not be missing but other components on that line might be faulty or not connected right. The charge port you purchased is not OEM it displays “by OEM”

 Aftermarket parts are becoming more complex as the iPhone series goes on. I have seen numerous charge ports where the components are just glued on and not making a connection at all. With the 11 series I have tried as many as four charge ports before I found a good one. On rare occasions I have had to do an update on the phone.

 I have purchased charge ports from reputable stores that have produced the 3 minute restart. You just have to return it for another one.

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I'll return it and go with one I can verify is pulled. Thank you very much for your advice :)


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