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Why won't my new LCD backlight and digitizer work?

I bought a used ipod touch 2nd gen off of ebay.

It said the digitizer didn't work, also found out the LCD screen backlight was out, but you can see it if your under light. I replaced the LCD screen and digitizer and it didn't fix the problem. What can i do to fix this? Any answers would help...

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williamcasey80, this was my answer to a very similar problem I can see the icons, the touch works, the screen is black?" if the icon etc. are visible, that means your backlight is not functioning. The backlight is part of the LCD, and the backlight circuit is on the logic board. I would go ahead and start with the cheaper of the solution, and that is by replacing the LCD. Of course, make sure that you restored the iPod and have done any of the updates and also reset the settings. From the Home screen->Settings->General->Reset All Settings. If none of that works, you are looking at having to either replace the logic board, or replace the coil on it. The replacement of the coil is very tedious, very small and needs some special skills. iPod touch has no backlight for a picture of the coil." different model but possibly same issue.

Hope this helps, good luck

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