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Replacing Nand Flash with higher capacity without restoring

As the title says, I want to replace the Nand without updating ios. Most threads I have seen is people having fail nand flash memory.

i have experience on how to replace its nand flash, but usually the new nand needs to be erased and programmed in order to work.

but my case is if I have a working 32gb nand and I want to upgrade 256gb nand. Can i clone the contents of 32gb to the other memory? Would that work? Because i dont want to hit ios 15 because theres no jb for that version

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I also have the same problem, I wonder if it is possible with a nand programmer to extract a disk image file (encrypted of course) and then be able to flash it on a larger nad. This way the iPhone should recognize it as it is always encrypted, but I have no idea how to do it 🤯. @tomchai I think he can help us 😬


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the data on the nand that the phone is using now needs copied to the new nand in order to work. you could download a lower ios and flash it using 3utool.

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Wouldn’t it still need to be signed? Which would still leave you at 15.4.1 at the time of writing which has very little progress in terms of jailbreak.


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