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En juin 2017, Apple met à jour le MacBook Air 13" avec un nouveau processeur Intel Core i5 Broadwell, ce qui donne une légère augmentation des performances et de l'autonomie de la batterie.

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How do I fix my screen backlight?

So my gf gave me her old 2017 MacBook Air after shep spilled water on it, and told me I could have it if I could fix it. So far it turns on, fan and all, but the screen is black. If I shine a light through the apple logo, I can see what's on the screen. Any idea what I need to do?

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I have been suffering from this problem since I upgraded the memory space to 1 TB. The backlight goes on and off completely until I press any button, and sometimes I have to put the charger in. Today I discovered by chance that I have to press the top left of the Tetrapad touch panel to find the screen lights up when I let it go off. I went to Apple. They said he needs to change the screen, but the screen is working. I don't know what to do about it Thank you all


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The problem where your fans etc. starts and sound works and the screen is black, but when you shine a light at the screen you can see what it should display is caused by the backlight for the screen isn't working.

There are multiple possible causes for the backlight to stop working, it can be everything from the lights in the backlight being burnt, to corrosion from water damage at connectors or in the worst-case water damage to logic board/components.

Start With Cleaning / Checking

I would start with opening the laptop up and looking for corrosion after the water damage, then clean it up using 95%+ (preferably 99%+) isopropanol and eg. a toothbrush.

Check the connectors to make sure that they're not loose.

Replace the Screen Assembly

If non of the above helped, you will probably need to replace the screen assembly. I can't promise that this will work since there could be damage to the board, but this will most likely solve the problem.

Remplacement de l'écran complet du MacBook Air 13" début 2017

Hope this helped and good luck! :D

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As you see an image using a flashlight your focus needs to be within the backlight logic. I would do a careful inspection of both sides of the logic board looking for corrosion damage. Don't forget the displays cables and connectors.

You'll need trace the logic from the start on the logic board using a DVM and a set of schematics and boardview drawings to isolate out where the backlight power is lost as well as ID the damaged part.

This might be beyond your skill set

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