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Temperature display is wrong until I reset after a storm

This has happened a few times now, where my GE Profile refrigerator will display an incorrect temperature and allow the fridge to get warm. The display was showing it was at 37 F, which is what we set it at; however, putting a thermometer inside showed around 41 F. I reached behind the fridge and unplugged it, plugged it back in, and the display instantly shows 41 F and starts running. It then cools it down to the proper temperature and stays consistent with the thermometer inside.

I have noticed that this has occurred a few times and we are usually clued in when the milk spoils faster (pre-putting a thermometer in there). I have also noticed that it seems to happen just after a lightning storm (live in Florida), when the lights flicker for a second.

Based on a power cycle fixing it and the potential link to power disruption during storms, would I be better served replacing the thermistor first or the control board? I am leaning towards control board, but open to suggestions!

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Hi @rhayven44

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

What's the temp in the freezer compartment like? Is it as shown or also warmer than indicated?


PSS27NSTASS is the model number.

I cannot recall if the temp in the freezer is also wrong when it happens. EDIT - Let me revise that. I THINK it is off as well, but is a smaller spread. In other words, instead of it being 0 F (like the readout initially says), it switches to 2 F when I powercycle it.


Can you take a picture of the control board and upload it here? Ajout d'images à une question existante


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Hi @rhayven44

Just double checking that your thermometer is OK and giving the correct temp reading? If it is a digital thermometer an aging battery can give false readings. ;-)

Maybe start by checking if the thermistors have the correct resistance for the temperature being shown.

Here's the mini manual for the model. It shows where the thermistors connect to the control board and also what their resistance should be at 37°F, i.e.14K Ohms.

There are two thermistors in the refrigerator compartment as shown in the wiring diagram in the manual, thermistors FF1 and FF2. This is also shown in the parts diagram - see part #236 & 237. You may have to measure both.

The easiest way is to disconnect the power from the refrigerator, uplug the harness connector from the J1 connector on the board, then use an Ohmmeter to measure between the J1-1 pin of the plug and JI-5 pin of the plug to find its resistance. Do the same with the wire on J1-2, measure between it and J1-5. The wire colours are shown in the wiring diagram

I'm not sure how its done on the control board to get the temp conversion but maybe both have to measure approximately 14 K Ohms for it to register that it is 37°F. If one is a lot different to the other then the one that is furthest away from 14 K ohms is most likely the problem. If a thermistor is faulty search online for WR55X10025 to find suppliers that suit you best.

If both measure OK then most likely it is the control board.

Image GE Temperature Sensor with 18 in. Wire Leads - WR55X10025


GE Temperature Sensor with 18 in. Wire Leads - WR55X10025


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