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The Dyson DC44 Animal is a cordless vacuum from Dyson specializing in removing animal hair from household surfaces. Model number: DC44 Digital Slim MK2.

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Dyson DC44 not charging

Hello, my DC44 is not charging. Bought a new battery but the wall charger does not illuminate. I have thoroughly cleaned the brush etc. Before buying a new wall charger thought i'd try here first just in case there's a fix. Thanks.

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Have you tried measuring the voltage coming out of the wall charger?


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Chances are if a new battery isn’t doing the trick it probably is the charger

For Dyson chargers there aren’t really any fixes apart from opening them up which can be dangerous due to them being power supplies which can give you a deadly shock if handled incorrectly

I personally have had Dyson chargers start acting strange for a bit when they get to a sertain age (probably just my bad luck though)

Just a little recommendation,I tend to prefer getting a authentic Dyson charger as non original chargers can damage them selfs and the dysons battery

Hopefully this answers your question

If not please do not hesitate to ask me anything even if it’s not to do with this dyson


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