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How to fix bootlooping

how to fix iPhone 6 s plus boot looping I have this iPhone 6s plus that has a good battery and is stuck boot looping I was using it and it just froze and then I turned it off and then once I did this it just rebooted and now has been like this for a couple of hrs how do I fix this problem also the phone does this when unpluged so the battery should be good plus i tried a new one and it did not work

things i have tried

new battery

updating it

what else should i do

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It is hard to diagnose this problem over the internet. If this came across my desk here is what I would do. I know you have completed some of these steps.

·         Remove the logic board and install it in a known good housing including a known good screen and battery. (If it boots you know it’s a parts issue)

·         Take a diode measurement of the PP_VCC_MAIN line. (A partial short on the 6s plus can cause your issue)

·         Try an update.

·         Put some pressure on the CPU while booting.

·         Check the PP1V8 has correct voltage.

·         Replace the Tristar IC.

·         Check the logic eeprom.

·         Check Baseband PMU and CPU on the 6s plus if they are faulty it will produce your problem.

If the update you performed was successful with no errors I would be inclined to say that the NAND and CPU are okay but you would need to check the power rails on these in case there is a partial short.

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i found a crack in the logic board used a rubber band and that fixed it for a temporary use


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