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After rod & spring replacement still shaking

HTW200ASK1WW hotpoint GE washer i replaced the rod and spring assemblies from Easy appliance parts who say there OEM replacement parts. But the washer still is shaking violently. Other than the drive belt having some minor pools of rubber in them see no reason for that to be a cause for this. Could the parts Not being OEM be my problem ? Thanks

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This was a water level issue not a spring & rod issue. I watched the washer fill up and in the small and medium load size both were way too little water filling the tub. Then the clothes would be worked by the agitator into balls of cloths and cause the imbalance. No fix for this but possibly replace the mother board. All water lines were not blocked. And the large cycle did fill to proper level of water. So owner is using it in large selector size only.


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Maybe check if the water pressure hose- part #101 is securely connect at both ends and also not blocked. Water rising in the tub goes up the tube which increases the air pressure to operate the level switch on the board. The supplier linked is only to show the location and possible cost of the part. If it is faulty, there are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for WH41X25301 to get results

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