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Le smartphone OnePlus de 5ème génération (OP5) est sorti le 20 juin 2017. Il s'agit du successeur du OnePlus 3T et du prédécesseur du OnePlus 5T.

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Oneplus 5 charging stops after a few minutes

I was about to post the question below. I've solved it now but I thought it might be helpful to others with the same problem if I posted it anyway.

My Oneplus 5 stops charging after a few minutes. I get a little buzz as usual when I plug the cable in, the LED shows green & the battery shows a lightning symbol but mostly after a few minutes the charging stops. Sometimes it does charge fully but often not. The problem persists with different cables and chargers.

I used a torch and magnifying glass to look closely at the port and it was quite dusty. I gave it a blast with a canned air blower & then used a carefully shaved down toothpick to give it a gentle scrape and it's now charging normally again.

Cheap fix!


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It could be a bad connection in the charging port check for dirt or cable as well.

Damaged charging ports or cables could be the main reason why the OnePlus 5 is not charging

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