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How to change wifi chip on iPhone 6s plus with out heating gun

i dont have any soldering tools or heat gun to replace a wifi chip how can i do this with out these tools

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You cannot remove this chip without a hot air station. If the Wi-Fi IC is shorted which does occur on the 6s you can scrape the top layer and find the short. I usually try this method before removing the IC. Remember if you replace this chip you will need to un-bind the Mac Address from the NAND or you will have no Wi-Fi.

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if i find the short what do I do from there



@keith_themuscovyduck You remove the short. Sometimes it is a capacitor that can just be removed. Inside the Wi-Fi chip is a city of components. The short is usually located on the bottom left or right side of the IC


can i just use a razor blade to scrape off the top layer and is there any specific way your supposed to do it @imicrosoldering


@keith_themuscovyduck I use an exacto knife. You need to find which area is getting hot and gently scrape that area one layer at a time to reveal the faulty component. There should be a video somewhere on the internet about this procedure.


how do i seal it up when I'm finished @imicrosoldering


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