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A1706 / EMC 3071 – sorti en novembre 2016, ce MacBook Pro 13" présente le Touch Bar avec écran OLED. Il inclut un processeur Intel Core i5 dual-core "Skylake" et quatre ports Thunderbolt 3.

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MacBook Shows no Response to Power

My 2016 MBP completely died the other day. When plugged into power I get no response from the laptop (display, trackpad etc.) No matter what charger/cable I use the MacBook never shows response to power.

Everything I have seen online recommend resetting the SMC or putting it into DFU mode and using apple config. I however could not do this because the MacBook shows no sign of life.

If anyone has any ideas to fix my issue I would appreciate the help!

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DFU mode looks like the computer has no signs of life. The only reliable way of knowing if a computer was in DFU mode would be to connect it to another Mac running Apple's configuration utility which detects such things.

If you have the appropriate tools (bit driver with P5 and T5 bits, a black spudger, and a suction cup) you can open the bottom, disconnect the battery, wait about 30 seconds, reconnect the battery, and see if that helps.


Edit: I tried removing the bottom case and disconnecting battery. All symptoms remain the same.


Can you give us some history on drops, liquid spills or repairs.


@danj none - it has been cased for most of its life and never has had a liquid sill. It just stopped working one day


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You will need to remove the bottom cover, unplug the battery from the logic board, hold down the power button for about 20 seconds, then, while continuing to hold down the power button, attach the Magsafe charger then count to five. Release the power button then press it to see if it responds. You MAY have to repeat this a few times but this normally works.

Once it powers up, re-attach the battery to the logic board, while it is on(YES! I know you will be skittish about doing this but I have done it multiple times without causing any shorts or damage to the logic board.) and verify that the battery is now taking a charge.

The reason this happens is the logic board builds up an electrical charge that causes the unit to not release the power from the board, when the unit is turned off. Windows units do the same thing. You have to drain all residual power.

Hope this helps.

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Sadly, this series has had issues with its power logic. Blown Tantalum Cap as Louis goes over here: A1706 Macbook Pro Touchbar common cause of spontaneous death

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