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Le smartphone haut de gamme Apple de l'année 2020. Annoncé le 13 octobre et commercialisé le 13 novembre, l'iPhone 12 Pro Max inclut un écran OLED 6,7", une triple caméra arrière avec LiDAR et la connectivité 5G. Successeur de l'iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Will polishing help in cleaning my iPhone screen?

I am an iPhone reseller that is willing to start refurbishing iPhones devices for faster sales, I came across some automatic polishing machine that remove scratches from phone lcd, I want to seek opinion of tech experts about this, Does this machine really help in cleaning screen to make it look new ?

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Depends upon the starting condition of the screen. If the scratches are too deep (as a guideline, if it can be caught by dragging your fingernail across the screen), polishing may lessen, but will not eliminate them. But for light scratches it can definitely help to improve the cosmetic appearance of glass surfaces. Note that on 12/13 series (and I assume future iPhones), they have a Ceramic Shield coating on the screen that polishing will remove.

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What's this ceramic shield coating? Will this affect affect the phone if removed ? And thanks for your answer, I'll go ahead an buy and buy the polishing machine atleast it's gonna help the cosmetic condition of devices.


@squemart Ceramic Shield is a glass ceramic that improves the drop resistance of the screen, making it more likely the screen will not break when the device is dropped (supposedly by 3-4x). Here is an article from Tom's Guide summarising done various tests that independent parties have done to verify that the 12 screens are indeed more durable when dropped than previous generations:

From my understanding it is not really a coating that can be reapplied, but some manipulation or treatment of the microscopic structure of the surface glass done during the manufacturing process, so once it's gone it's gone.

It's up to you and what you think is best for your customer experience at the end of the day, just something to be aware of. And to be honest, since polishing removes a layer of the glass to decrease the scratches, the process probably weakens all screens, not just those of 12/13 series.


Thanks so much for your honest opinion my friend. I really appreciate it.


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