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Electrical installation in the United States refers to the process of installing electrical systems in buildings and structures in compliance with the regulations set forth by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local building codes.

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Bathroom fan/light switch stopped working when I put on a new switch

When I put on a new switch it didn'twork, it was onlytwo black wires, no gfci was tripped, I'm stumped

Update (06/04/2022)

I am starting to think it is the splice, but I've also decided to get a double rocker to separate the fan and light function, this would seperate the splice as well, what do you guys think..?

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Check the switch with a meter? Rated for the fan's consumption? Anything else on the same circuit (working/not)? Was old switch bad or problem elsewhere? Breaker/fuse? More info pix?


No, the old switch was fine, just old and discolored, so I switched it with a new one which didn't work, so I switched that switch with a different one in case that was the problem and still nothing, the wiring is two separate cords each with a white, black, and copper wire, the white and copper are connected with screw nuts, and the black runs through the switch


Brad Kimball what kind of fan/light combo is this? Does the light function separate from the fan etc.? can you get to the wiring of the fan/light? Have you checked the lines coming to the switch? You need to check the voltage across the White and the black Wire. You should have household voltage on the set that comes from the power panel. If you have trouble with that, post some good pictures of the wiring with your QUESTION. It will help us to see what you are dealing with. Ajout d'images à une question existante


Brad Kimball that will depend on the way they wired the fan/light. Right now , from what you are describing it is connected together. Remember that you said you have one pair of Black and one pair of White wires, as well as the bare copper ground wires. I would suggest you check for power to the switch first. Measure the voltage across the white and black wire. One of those pairs should have your household current. Just undo the wire nuts and measure without touching the bare wires with your hands etc. BTW the light/fan should not go through a GFCI. Check for power, check your breaker panel first.

Do not connect the white to white via a switch! It needs to stay spliced to the other white.

Since you only have one pair going from the switch, a double rocker switch will not work. You would need to run another set of wires from the fan into the switch box to accomplish that..


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How many wires are within the switch box, that is besides the two Black wires that go to the switch. I'm suspecting the splices of the other wires needs to be checked.

Block Image

Here's a dual switch setup with a light and fan

Block Image

It would be helpful having a MultiMeter to double check the switches wiring.

Also check your fuse/breaker that its on. And off when you are checking the wires so you don't get zapped!

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