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Checking to see if Optical drive swap is possible

I'm looking to swap the SuperDrive from my PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1.5 GHz for drive in my Model A1176 Mac Mini and vice versa. I'm just checking that these compatible? As far as I can see it looks like it.


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PowerBook's take a 12.7mm PATA Slot Load Optical drive.

The Mac Mini A1176 also uses at PATA 12.7mm drive..

no problem with a swap.

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Thanx for the clarification Matt., I was comparing hard drives instead of the optical drive.


Kind of weird that the Mini has a Sata drive but a Pata superdrive.


Sata Optical drives were slower to catch on. Apple Added them across the board Late 2008 - Early 2009


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