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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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rubber strip falling off the headband, need glue

so i wanted to fix my beats solo3 headphones so i peeled back too much of the headband, or actually so much of it and now its just flopping around and it just looks weird. can yall recommend me some good glues cause atm i have it held together using velcro cable management strips which while it gives the headphone this aesthetic, those strips will get dirty fast if i ever leave home with them. so if you guys have any quick setting glues with those precision needle tips you guys stand by and like can you recommend me that? i tried stuff like gorilla glue but the strip always just comes right off before the glue even sets, and i havent even touched the strap. or if you guys feel like i should just staple the rubber straight on, guess im looking for staplers lol

Block Image

i swear, things got way worse when i was tryna glue the whole thing. initially it was only the areas around the hinges or whatever but the gorilla glue tip was too thicc to reach inside and glue my stuff so just reglue the entire thing. the red rubber shouldnt even be visible like this.

Block Image

so i just use this manky jig here to hold the rubber and not have it slide off the headband. i like the way it blocks the beats logo so if i get this glued up i might be getting elec tape to cover up the thing.

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Can you provide me with some photos as I work on beats products and you might not need glue

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i put pic for u


Is it the bit on the left side of the image?


I'd try contact cement. Apply to both surfaces, wait for it to get tacky before approximating them, then wrap with string, wire or rubber bands. Let it cure overnight... should hold. If you want to cover the logo get a length of battery shrink fit (heat shrink tubing on steroids) and shrink it all up...


Iv tried that and it didn’t work very well

I don’t think it works well because I think the headband is silicon and I am yet to find a glue/adhesive that will constantly stick


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The best way of giving this is by dismantling the headband

if you need help with it I can help you step by stem if you want

It’s fairly easy to do it,In Your case you just need to take the silicone headband off and move the white midframe back under then clip it back to the plastic part of the headband

Like I said it’s fairly easy and if you need any help give me a shout


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