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L'iPhone mainstream 2020 d'Apple sort le 23 octobre. Il est équipé d'un écran OLED de 6,1 pouces, d'une caméra double de 12 mégapixels et est disponible en cinq couleurs. Il succède à l'iPhone 11.

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Wi-Fi address n/a - wifi and bluetooth not working

Wifi and Bluetooth buttons are greyed out. Tried turn on/off, resetting network and completely erasing the device and still not working. In the about section the wi-fi address is n/a. Brought it to apple store and they ran diagnostics. They said it failed "rear system compatibility check" and the wi-fi presence check said the module was not found. Issue happened after a short drop and the phone had a protective case and screen. I was told not repairable. Cellular works. Any idea if fixable or not? thank you

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thanks. Any idea how to repair it or a place that can perform the repair?


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It is repairable if you do a component level repair on the board. Apple won’t do it, they just swap the whole phone.

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Do you happen to know what components exactly ? I imagine it’d be the Wi-Fi antenna and Bluetooth antenna?


@Jay Cox Not the antenna, this is a chip problem.


Happened to me 2 times in roll each year once . Swapped it out ! And just happened again . Same issue ! Gray out Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working and constant reboots


this has happened to my child's iPhone 12 mini every month or so since June 2022. It has been swapped out and repaired over 7 times since I bought it. just happened again. there is a problem with their phones


seem the wifi module chip is broken, replace the wifi module chip..the price about usd $15-21


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