Frontpanel ports keep connecting and reconnecting with a beep sound

I have had this problem since i switched to windows 11. Now my frontpanel usb ports keep reconnecting and connecting again with a beep sound sometimes many times in a row sometime not for a long time. also the powerbutton on my Lian Li has this blue LED around it that keeps flickering to red and back to blue.

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More information is needed to help you.

What is the make and model number of the PC?

What is the make and model number of the motherboard if a custom build?

Have you downloaded/installed all the appropriate Win 11 drivers for the model?

Is the PC compatible with Win 11?

What have you tried to do to fix the problem?


its an asus Z690 Motherbord and yes i have the appropriate driver and also my pc is compatible with windows 11. I checked the device manager and the human interface devices and and 2 of the HID compliant vendor-defined devices and 2 UBS input devices keep appearing and disappering from the list which is why i suppose its got something to do with the frontpanel since there are only 2 usb ports there and 4 in the back. i havent tried much yet i just tried looking for clues and unplugging and replugging the usb devices. the sound still appears even if all devices are unplugged. thats about everything i tried also all drivers of all pc components are updated. Its the first pc that i built myself so i might have put a cable into a wrong spot or smth im not sure. but everything still works also the devices that are plugged in they work even if its the sound suggests disconnections


@Louisxxl Magic

Which USB port is causing the problem, the USB2.0, the USB3.0 or the USB-C or perhaps all three - not sure what type and how many your case has on the front panel?

If you're not sure unplug one at a time from the motherboard and check if the problem stays or goes.

if it stays, plug it back in again and unplug another one and check if it now stays or goes. You may have to do this with all of them to find out which one is causing the problem unless you already know of course. See Items # 9, 10, & 11 on p.1-2 & 1-3 of the user manual

As for the case's Power On light, you may have to check the cable connection from the case to the motherboard F panel PLED pins (item #18 on p.1-2 & 1-21) is on the correct header pins


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