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Rotary blade hair trimmer, with a 4 position comb guide (grades 1-4) Lithium Ion Battery for cordless use, runs on AC power as well.

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turns off immediately when running on battery with blades attached

Trying to diagnose Conair HCT7565RLIC trimmer turning off immediately when running on battery with blades attached only. Runs without blades on battery, or with blades when plugged in to AC

Battery appears to be fully charged, but it only runs for about 1 second when turned on each time you flip the switch.
Disassembled to try and identify the cause, discovered it will run without the blades attached, left it running for quite a while to test the battery; the moment there's pressure on the motor from the blades fully secured it blinks red and shuts off.
When it's run off AC power directly, it runs just fine.

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@spacejanitor it sounds like your battery cannot handle the load requirements. I would replace the battery first. If that does not work, you will at least have a known-well starting point for further troubleshooting (which would lead me to the motor). You can always place a large variable resistor across the battery while you connect a multimeter. S\ee if it breaks down with increased load. If you do not have the proper test equipment might be easier to just replace the battery :-)

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Would there be some protection circuitry that's automatically cutting it out when it detects the draw from the motor is too high for the battery? I tried pressing very hard on the shaft to simulate the extra force on the motor but I couldn't get it to shut off, even pressing so hard as to almost stop the rotation completely. I have another 3.7volt lithium battery on hand (too large for the housing but I'll wire it in) and see if that works.


@spacejanitor I can't find anything on a safety circuit other than the one on the battery management. This "or with blades when plugged in to AC" is one of the reasons why I think battery. It would fit a bad battery pattern.


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