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The Dyson DC44 Animal is a cordless vacuum from Dyson specializing in removing animal hair from household surfaces. Model number: DC44 Digital Slim MK2.

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Hi have a dc44 dyson and the main body has started to make a noise

Hi have a dc44 dyson and the main body has started to make a noise and blowing a lot of air from it, can these heads be fixed or sent away for repair ?

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I assume that your reference to 'the main body' refers to the handle with the motor in it. is this correct? Does it still make the noise if you remove the pipe and the tool on its end? I am just wondering if the pipe is blocked!


In addition to checking for clogs, be sure to clean the removable filter.


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The parts can be sent away but in my opinion it’s not worth sending away as these issues are easily fixed

I had a similar issue with my dc50 and it was the cyclone that was the issue

But my recommendation is just to take it to bits roughly and give everything a good shake and that usually fixes things

If that doesn’t work try taking the full thing appart(except the motor Handel assembly) and give everything a good clean with a brush and a damp cloth

Hopefully this answers your question


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