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Will the phone still work if I damaged 1 or 2 grounding pads?

While removing the old waterproof seal (during a screen replacement) I managed to rip 1 grounding pad completely off and partially tore another one of the 5 grounding pads on the bottom right. How will this affect my phone and can I buy this part somewhere?

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Hi Robert,

I suspect the reason you haven't gotten a response to your question is that we're not clear exactly what part it is you're referring to. It sounds like you may be talking about the grounding fingers on what iFixit refers to as the Bottom Bracket Flex Cable. If that was the case, you can buy the part and replace it fairly easily.

Otherwise, can you post a photo of the damaged parts so the rest of us can get a look at what you're seeing?


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I realize that this question was from 9 months ago, but I figured I'd add a related comment.

After being pretty careful at replacing the battery in my iphone X, and subsequently replacing my display, I noticed that one of the ground doohickeys got a bit scrunched up. I looked at it under a stereo microscope and saw that these things are made out of some sort of woven metallic belting that can be scrunched without being torn, etc. I figured that with only one being a bit damaged, it had a good chance of being OK. Of course, I don't really know what their function is so it was a bit of a leap of faith. After reassembling, everything seems to be working fine. Sometimes such leaps don't end up with a face-plant.

Oh, what I did notice is that this part isn't particularly easy to find. I see used ones that look way worse than mine being sold on the big auction site, but not really anywhere else. This seems odd considering they are rather easily damaged if they get brushed against something. One might deduce that they're just not important enough, or at least they still function if slightly damaged, to warrant a lot of them being made and offered for sale here and elsewhere on the web.

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