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Annoncé le 13 octobre, l'iPhone 12 mini est une version compacte de l'iPhone 12 d'Apple. Il est doté d'un écran OLED de 5,4 pouces, d'un processeur A14 Bionic et de deux caméras arrière.

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I dropped my iPhone 12 mini

I dropped my iphone 12 mini and the back glass smashed, it was in a case and the rest of the phone is in good condition (front not smashed at all).

I picked it up and saw I had no mobile data signal, wifi or bluetooth available to use.

I took it to apple and they weren't much help as the back is quite smashed with no signal they couldn't guarantee a £250 back glass repair would even fix it. Does anyone know what could be wrong with the phone. I have a spare and am interested to repair this one myself. Especially after the service at apple.

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If you go into settings is the Wi-Fi greyed out? Or can you turn it on and off?


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This would be weak soldering under some of the chips or between board layers, in any case this will be way beyond DIY scope and require professional tools and training to repair.

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